My work of this summer

How did you spend this summer ?
I was making something during this summer and at last was completed !!!
I wanted to do something for him for his new book.
Therefore, I wanted to do celebration to him using Japanese traditional ORIGAMI.
My small friends helped me.
These are photographs of the work of this summer !!!
Here you are!!!!!

How To Make 「TLOS」part 1

At first,let's prepare Origami.

How To Make 「TLOS」part 2

Next, we must make many paper cranes!!!
"About how many Mom?"
"Mmm・・・let me see・・・for 300? or 400?"
" (;´Д`)(;´Д`)(;´Д`) ”

How To Make 「TLOS」part 3

Have you finished make yet??
OK let's gather these!!!

How To Make 「TLOS」part 4f0332332_10253803.jpg

Would you carry these to the room?
To tell the truth,Harry Potter is wherever of this photo.
Can you find him? and there is the Tyrannosaurus !!! Where???

How To Make 「TLOS」part 5

Let's assemble paper cranes. Be careful not to break it !!
Can you use a needle and thread well ?

How To Make 「TLOS」part 6

"It is almost completed ?" asked samll Bear.
"Yes!! I think so. But ・・・wait a minute, is the spelling right ?" said big Bear.
"Of course!!!" Rama answered with full of confidence.
"It's SOLT !! Isn't it ?"
OMG!!! "(-""-)""(-""-)""(-""-)"

How To Make 「TLOS」part 7

"OK !! It's Perfect ☆☆ Are there somebody any opinion?"
"Is there some point that seems to be broken?"
"No way・・・"

How To Make 「TLOS」final
"Mom we did it !!!"
"Oh really? You are so great !!!"
This is the celebration from us, we are so proud of You, Chris Colfer !!!

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